Alina Issa

Founder and designer of Alina Issa Jewelry.

 Alina Issa Jewelry is the brand where jewelry with a non-trivial and bold look at diamonds are created, where creativity and innovation meet with traditional jewelry techniques.

The founder and designer of the jewelry brand Alina Issa went through a serious professional path before creating her own brand in 2021. In Russia, she got a degree in gemology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and practiced in expert laboratories. Then feeling that there was a need for international education and a deeper understanding of the profession, she studied gemology at the GIA — Gemological Institute of America. 

After graduation, Alina has been working with private international clients for more than 10 years, selecting for them unique and investment gems from all over the world according to the highest requirements and standards.

Alina did not stop at that point. She decided to expand the horizon of her knowledge and moved to Paris to study jewelry design at one of the main training centers in the world – the Haute École de Joaillerie. 

In Paris Alina made friends with one of the best jewelers in France and in the world - Sebastian Durget. In his jewelry atelier on St Honoré, the complexity of the techniques is on the edge of reality and fantasy. Thanks to this friendly cooperation, there were opportunities for internship of brand jewelers in this legendary French atelier, which Alina did not forget to take advantage of. 

Alina Issa is a designer with a keen sense of the nature of art. Creating her jewelry, she mixed Art Deco with classical Art Nouveau styles, played with colors, geometric shapes and symbols.

"Art has always been an important component in my life, an endless inspiration and what gives me the strength to move forward every day. 

I found myself in jewelry design and I fall in love with it deeper and stronger every year. Making sketches, turning my feelings and thoughts into a form, and then turning my fantasies into reality - that's what is true happiness for me." - said Alina.

Organic and symmetrical patterns well balanced in modernist creations and studded with colored precious stones and diamonds - such products do not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer.